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Hello, friends. I'm writing you today to speak about something I'm very passionate about, albeit something that is unrelated to me personally or music.

Over 50 years, we have erased 20% of the Amazon Rainforest, give or take. We all know the benefit of trees in producing oxygen and absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, but what I didn't know until researching for this post is that when a tree is cut down, that CO2 that is stored within the tree is released into the atmosphere, contributing to the climate change that many of us are so desperately trying to slow down.

The Amazon rainforest cradles several homes for humans, namely the countries of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, among others. Many Indigenous peoples rely entirely on it to survive, and their voices are being silenced. Besides humans, Amazonia is also home to a large percentage of Earth's flora and fauna, many of which are being killed due to the rapid deforestation of the last half-century.

As you can see - Amazonia is in pretty big trouble, from political turmoil to ecological downfall.

What I'm trying to say is that Amazonia is a VITAL piece of the Earth that we absolutely must strive to protect. Rather than spill more facts to you about how important the Amazon Rainforest is, I thought I would provide you with ways to help - because that help is very much needed right now.

Here are some links to reliable charities that strive to protect the people and wildlife of Amazonia:

Amazon Conservation Association -

Beyond donating to these charities, there is so much you can do. You have power in your voice - use it for good. Share these charities with family and friends, sign petitions, do anything you can to make your voice heard.

Recycle. Use reusable water bottles. My family uses several 5 gallon jugs for our water that can be easily refilled at just about any grocery store for minimal cost. Turn off your lights when you aren't in rooms, carpool.

Dedicate one day out of the week to avoid eating meats. Meat farms are responsible for 574 MILLION TONS of carbon emission. Some delicious and healthy meat alternatives are beans, soy products, eggs (non-vegan), quinoa, among many others as well.

There is so much we can do on the individual level, and that is where change must happen first. There is strength in numbers. I implore you to push yourself to do your part in any way you can to help save our planet, our ONLY planet.

She needs our help.


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