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2020 Is Weird, But Beautiful?

Hi friends! I apologize for my absence - I probably don't have to even iterate that it has been a fairly crazy few months!

At the start of 2020, I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of performing with Southern Arizona Performing Arts Company as Pish Tush in their production of Hot Mikado! I can't even begin to vocalize the joy and reward I got from that experience.

My band, now called Idle Lights, formerly Creating The Scene, also released our debut album, "From The Living Room." That was also an incredible roller coaster, and it feels so good to have years and years of hard work finally living in the world.

Later, I took a job with Walden Grove High School, in Sahuarita, as Vocal Music Director for their musical theatre program's production of Beauty & The Beast!

I also was set to be a part of SAPAC's unique gender-swapped production of 1776, playing Abigail Adams and Roger Sherman.

Both of these, however, were disrupted by the global COVID-19 outbreak. As it has to everybody, this virus has severely affected my life. But, rather than focus on the negative, I'd rather focus on the positive and tell you all about the new, exciting projects I've been working on!

I began composing a song cycle that I have been dreaming of for many years. It's called ZODIAC, and it is a song cycle for Voice, Piano, and String Quartet. As you can probably guess, each movement is a zodiac sign, and it lyrically explores lessons that we can learn from each of them. I have only a few movements completed as of writing this blog post, but you can find those movements in the music tab!!! :)

I also have begun working on a new solo commercial release. I don't want to give away too many details about it, but I think you will really love it when the time comes for it to be birthed. It will make you dance, I promise. ;)

There is a lot of pain and darkness in the world right now, but I believe that we can turn that into beauty and light. As I say in my song, "With love,." "Take something ugly and make it art."

I know we can all do that.

Amor vincit odi, semper vincit amor.



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